Calendars / Class Schedules

Group Exercise Calendar

Outdoor Pool Hours:

Outdoor pool DECK is now open. 

Mon-Sat, 7am-11am 
Adult Swim (age 17 and over)

Slide Hours; **

Supervised Family Swim; **

7:30pm - 9:00pm
Unsupervised Family Swim*

Sunday, 8-11am Adult swim; 
11am- 7:30 Supervised Family Swim; **
11am- 7:30 Slide Hours
7:30-9:30 Unsupervised Family Swim.** 

Our two-story waterslide will be open (weather permitting) through Labor Day. 

The outdoor pool will remain open after Labor Day as weather allows.


Indoor Pool:
The indoor pool is for adult (age 17 and older) use only during the summer months. 
Children age 2 and under can be in the indoor pool with an adult from 11am- 9:30 pm every day

Monday Friday 

5:00am 11:00am
11:00am 5:00pm
5:00pm 6:30pm
6:30pm 9:00pm
9:00pm 10:00pm

Adult Swim
Family Swim*
Adult Swim
Supervised Family Swim**
Adult Swim


7:00am 10:00am
10:00am 12:00pm
12:00pm- 8:00pm
8:00pm 10:00pm 

Adult Swim
Family Swim*
Supervised Family Swim**
Adult Swim


8:00am 10:00am 
10:00am 12:00pm 
12:00am 8:00pm
8:00pm 9:45pm

Adult Swim
Family Swim*
Supervised Family Swim**
Adult Swim

Adult Swim: Must be 17 years of age and older. No lifeguard on duty.

Family Swim: Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsible person of at leaste 16 years of age.

No lifeguard on duty

Supervised Family Swim: Family swim with lifeguard on duty.

Tennis Courts

Starting Tuesday, September 7th, our winter tennis schedule will be in effect.

Our winter tennis procedure: Booking indoor tennis is free, if the court is booked within 24 hours of start time. If the court is booked further than 24 hours in advance, there is a $15.00 court fee. Each membership can only book up to 2 hours per day.

The outdoor tennis courts open as long as the weather permits.




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